what do you do if you try and you totally suck?

The Room produced, directed, and starred by Tommy Wisseau, is a masterpiece film that is known as the greatest worst movie ever. The Room has absolutely horrid dialouge, random charcaters with no established relationship, entire plot points that don’t become resolved, and the acting is obscenely stiff yet over the top. As in, it is so horrible, it has its own cult that has lasted 15 years. I recently watched the Disaster Artist,  which is a liberal sort of reinactment of the making of The Room with James Franco. Something that really sticks out about the story they tell in The Disaster Artist, and which is amazing in the reflection upon history, is how our hopes can go completely in the opposite direction in real life.

No one sets out to make a horrible movie. No one wakes up and says to themselves, “Today, I’m going to get an F!” It doesn’t seem right. Theoretically we understand that some people are going to be at the top, most are going to be in the middle, and some are going to be in the bottom; it’s basic statistics, the standard bell curve has a bottom 10%. But we don’t like thinking about that. No one wants to be in the bottom. Most people don’t even want to he in the middle. The fact that we can really care and be in such a horrible state compared to others’ expectations is terrifying. 

The Room, however, offers an alternative. You might try really hard and end up in the bottom. You might fail miserably, but you will only fail miserably by that one standard. As a drama, The Room is a failure. As a cult comedy? Gold. We might never become the shiny dream we want to be, but what we can become is our own best self. Even if everyone was as talented as Albert Einstein, the world would be lacking the individuals who aren’t him, who can offer their own unique perspectives and life stories. You aren’t your heroes, but you can still become one yourself.