another on why you should rest

There are numerous ways of being tired. There’s the tired in your bones, when you’re so weary and ready to be done. There’s the tired where you feel your eyes dropping, and sense this pool of sleep you could collapse into. There’s the tired where your body tingles with warmth from exertion and lying down is true bliss. They sometimes combine with each other in fun new ways, and rarely, we experience all three, full force at once.

But at some level, feeling tired can be guilt-inducing. Sure, you’ve done something to get you to that state of exhaustion, but those levels of tired don’t exactly make it easy to keep going. That’s because you shouldn’t. If you feel tired, it’s for a reason. Sometimes it means changing your sleeping habits to get more, other times it means finding help mentally, and sometimes you just wake up at the wrong part of your sleep cycle.

America tends to praise workaholics. Working until you burn out is a sort ot prize, it seems good to accomplish many things. But at some point, we have to look at if what we’re doing is forcing our bodies through the motions, or living our lives and enjoying every moment of it. Even if we love what we do, everyone needs a break from it. Life is meant to be diversified. If you’re working 24/7, you’re depriving yourself of rest and hurting yourself.

Everyone’s limit is different. Everyone’s limit can change gradually over time. But no one is immune to exhaustion, because everyone needs to rest.