telling the truth kinda sucks but it’s good for you

There are some situations that are solved best by being honest and telling someone how you feel. Those are also the situations we like to solve by doing practically anything else. Even if we know we’ll end up miserable, keeping the truth to ourselves, we don’t want to confront people. Confrontation is easy between two […]

what do you do if you try and you totally suck?

The Room produced, directed, and starred by Tommy Wisseau, is a masterpiece film that is known as the greatest worst movie ever. The Room has absolutely horrid dialouge, random charcaters with no established relationship, entire plot points that don’t become resolved, and the acting is obscenely stiff yet over the top. As in, it is […]

What we need to understand to live a full life

Understanding is a strange process. We may think we understand a lot of things, but even something as simple as a definition can allude us when someone asks. Whenever we engage in conversation, we assume the other person has enough context to understand what you mean. Sometimes understanding isn’t just knowing something, but knowing something […]