why you should care about your hogwarts house

Today is Ravenclaw Pride day! For those who aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter series, Ravenclaw is a house of the Wizarding School of Hogwarts. Aspiring wizards in the world of Harry Potter are sorted into one of four houses based upon personality and motivations. Hufflepuffs are loyal and motivated by their relationships, Gryffindors are […]

Make music but make friends first

As physics has progressed as a field, we’ve gradually realized that basically everything is made of waves. Light, gravity, even physical objects are frequencies in some aspect. So actually, it makes sense that sound waves connect to us, because that’s the nature of our reality. Somehow mixes of rhythms and notes with a variety of volumes can […]

how do you judge people?

The Myers-Brigg’s Personality test is based off of the famous psychologist Carl Jung’s work.  It’s an interesting ‘personality’ test in general because Myer-Brigg’s test is actually more centered around how you take in information rather than how it is presented to others; two people might be very outgoing and sociable, but have completely different personality […]