the bogeyman commitment

There is such a power in routine. Doing something every day takes will power, takes focus, takes a commitment to your values. When we do go out of our way every single day to accomplish some task, that’s meaningful. Even if we don’t view that thing as important or relevant to us, our consistent actions make us a lot of who we are.

The best time to carry out a habit is in the morning because that’s when your will power is strongest. Then habits are easier when we carry them out in the same way. For example, at the same time, in the same order of events, and in the same place. Finally, the best way to continually stick to a habit is if you do it. We can overthink ourselves into giving up anything. By dreading and displaying contempt for a task, we make carrying out that task 1000% more difficult. Another bonus of forming a habit in the morning is that you are so mentally groggy, you don’t have to mental capacity to talk yourself out of it after that first initial phase of deciding to do it.

My advice is to form a good habit. It doesn’t have to be massive or incredibly important, just this task you carry out every day. And by forcing yourself to do this every day, we train our pysche to better handle consistency and sticking to our promises. It grows our will power. Then eventually, we can train ourselves to do bigger, harder things in the evening. Commitment is something that a lot of people struggle with. That’s okay. But making efforts to try and turn that around can change how we view ourselves and how we view our goals.

keep your eyes open

It’s easy to drudge from day to dull day. The regular routines we follow typically aren’t exciting. We get up, work, eat, maybe have a tiny bit of fun, and then go back to sleep. However, a lot of the dread we have around work is a monster we’ve created ourselves.

We struggle throughout most of lives, so how can we find joy in that? By changing our perspective as much as we can, and if need be, our circumstances. There is always something we can do to make life a little brighter. When I say dread is a monster we create, I don’t mean that we can somehow snap our fingers, change our attitude and float away on a magicial pink cloud. No matter what we do, sometimes life sucks. However, we can make it seem worse than it is when we constantly think to ourselves, “I don’t want to do this, there’s no meaning in this, I just want to go home…” Wherever you are, you’re there. You exist in that location. This is a part of your life, and it can be just as precious as any other part of your life. Focus on the good things to get you through, to distract you as much as you can, even if you have to start being thankful for dandelions in the sidewalk.

If the situation is really that bad, then get out of there. That’s not always possible, but it may be more possible than you realize. We often convince ourselves that things lie in a certain fixed pattern and there’s nothing we can do to change that. However, is it? Look at where you are again. Research your options. Talk to other people, maybe there’s a solution you’re missing.

At the end of the day, yes it’s just another day. But it’s also another day of your life. We may be experts at making ourselves miserable, but we don’t have to stay that way. Slowly, we can change our outlook on life. Maybe we can’t escape a situation just yet, but that won’t always be the case. Have hope! Keep your eyes open.

the magic of doing something

Typically if you don’t sleep well one night, it doesn’t hit you until the day after. When it does hit, you feel it in your whole body. You experience how tired you are in every inch of yourself. When we’re awake and everything’s fine, our awareness of our bodies usually is zero or around that. It’s only when we’ve put our body through some level of stress that we are aware of it. It’s similar to how losing something makes us finally realize how grateful we were for it.

Telling someone to “Be thankful” seems to belong around some holiday table, or come from an angry parental figure. At different times, we may see the little positivity posts with the fancy script that talks about being grateful, but what’s the point? It’s easy to blow off the advice because it seems like something only yogi vegans genuinely aspire to. Being grateful however, is a habit. It’s a habit that improves your life, no matter what kind of person you are.

So how does one “become” a grateful person? How do you magically become peaceful minded from it?

There’s likely no one correct way to be thankful for what you have, but the key is to actually be thankful, and that can be difficult to achieve. Especially if it’s a new thing to you, make being thankful a task. Don’t just say you’re grateful. Write a long letter expressing how much you appreciate someone in your life. Go out of your way to buy a cup of coffee for someone you know needs it. Be nice to your cashiers, even when they have an attitude. All of this things may not seem like activities we associate with gratitude. However, if we are thankful, by definition we need to thank them. It can be through a gift, extra patience, time spent with them, or whatever you know they’d appreciate themselves. Yet, try to not take the easy route out and just say it. Words mean nothing if they aren’t backed up by action.

picking a reasonable amount of battles

To Do lists are helpful for keeping yourself organized and directing your priorities. The problem is that it always seems impossible to get everything on them done! Even if you make a list with seventeen items and cross all seventeen off, as soon as you lay down your head, there’s the other task you forgot, bothering you before you go to sleep.

One of the strange parts of life is that we sometimes don’t see the opportunities given to us. Even stranger, it can be even more overwhelming to have too many opportunities. In one situation, you feel like there’s no way out, you’re stagnant m. In the other, it feels like you can’t split yourself into enough people to get it all done. By virtue of our limited energy and time, we can only do so much. Therefore, we have to pick a few things we really care about. For some, this selection is harder than others; what if you don’t know what you want to do? What if you want to keep your options open? What happens if you end up hating it and waste all this time?

Forcing yourself to do everything will make you miserable. You’ll be exhausted and end up hating all the things you are doing because they are what’s draining you. Even if you somehow managed to handle all seventeen seperate parts of your life, it would still be infuriating because you couldn’t give everything to every part. It is far better to commit yourself to something. You don’t even have to adore this thing, just like it enough to want to genuinely continue doing it. If you made the wrong choice, give yourself at least a month to make sure it really was the wrong choice. “Keeping your options open” sounds nice, but realistically, it means not putting in the effort that big goals require. Your options are open. If you are truly unsure about where to go, just go someplace! If it turns out to be a “wrong” turn, you can still learn and grow from that place. Life seems to offer either too many opportunities or nothing at all. All that you can do is whatever you can. Sometimes you have to make your own option, and that’s okay. Just cut down those To Do lists down to size and remind yourself that you’re doing your best. It is far better to do a little something every day, considering you can’t binge-study for every aspect of life.