why you can learn from yarn

Knitting can be difficult in that to get the right stitch, you need to keep the same amount of pull on your yarn. Otherwise, the size of each knot differs and messes up the pattern. But the fact is, most people could care less about knitting or the details of it. Why should you care? At the end, the skill is irrelevant in our factory manufactured society that makes our clothes through mass production. It’s a skill that’s transformed from a necessity to a hobby for most. It’s incredible, really.

So much has changed. If you compare this era to any before it, surely we see parallels, but technology has been a driving force for cultural and sociological shifts. Our very way of life is molded by the tools we use and rely upon. But knitting can still give us lessons: consistency is a strength. In fact, it is one of our most potent abilities. Water wears down the rock over time, as the saying goes.

Knitted things have errors in the fabric because the pull is too tight or too loose. When we approach life, we need to be careful of how much we pull. We need to be assertive but respectful. We need to question assumptions, but be open to the possibility that we’re wrong. We need to be compassionate and kind but maintain our own identity and self-respect. Things change, times change, but we are always growing by learning how to keep things balanced. So be grateful for technology, but critique it too. At the end of the day, consistency is so important because practice is what makes us able to learn how to do this whole “balance” thing in the first place. Keep going. Every day, it matters.