Click A if you’ve messed up

We are not always our best selves. Most of the time, we are our typical selves, the ones that mess up in social interactions, miss due dates, and surprise ourselves with our own mediocrity. We have conflicting desires to be unique and fit in. We want to be noticed, but not out cast or put under too much pressure.

The thing is, that’s okay. It’s okay to look at yourself and realize that you are a normal person, because we are each normalized to our culture and time. If we didn’t fit in to a certain degree, our ability to survive would be greatly lessened. There are enough differences in our experiences that we will always be able to learn something new, and that’s a good thing! Being able to expand our knowledge is exciting and helps us consider other people’s perspectives.

We aren’t wholly put together, and we fail daily to do all the things we want to. We are human, mistakes will happen. However, we can do more! We can be kinder, smarter, healthier, more curious, more driven, more considerate! You’ve made the mistakes you’ve made, and that will always be the case, but starting in this present moment, you can try to be better than that. Trying again is terrifying at times, but it’s worth it because it helps us experience the best life we can get.

the bogeyman commitment

There is such a power in routine. Doing something every day takes will power, takes focus, takes a commitment to your values. When we do go out of our way every single day to accomplish some task, that’s meaningful. Even if we don’t view that thing as important or relevant to us, our consistent actions make us a lot of who we are.

The best time to carry out a habit is in the morning because that’s when your will power is strongest. Then habits are easier when we carry them out in the same way. For example, at the same time, in the same order of events, and in the same place. Finally, the best way to continually stick to a habit is if you do it. We can overthink ourselves into giving up anything. By dreading and displaying contempt for a task, we make carrying out that task 1000% more difficult. Another bonus of forming a habit in the morning is that you are so mentally groggy, you don’t have to mental capacity to talk yourself out of it after that first initial phase of deciding to do it.

My advice is to form a good habit. It doesn’t have to be massive or incredibly important, just this task you carry out every day. And by forcing yourself to do this every day, we train our pysche to better handle consistency and sticking to our promises. It grows our will power. Then eventually, we can train ourselves to do bigger, harder things in the evening. Commitment is something that a lot of people struggle with. That’s okay. But making efforts to try and turn that around can change how we view ourselves and how we view our goals.