not just a work bod

There is so much more to life than work. There is so much more to life than looking a certain way and achieving some ideal you aren’t actually happy with. There is so much more, and yet we still get stuck on these basic things of loving ourselves and being content with where we are.

We fundamentally feel empty when we reach grand milestones without the backing of social support. If we aren’t making a difference, if we aren’t paying attention to the people around us, it’s just hard to have any motivation at all. We can strive after money, freedom, success, all of that, but we are nothing if we are alone.

Granted, money, freedom, and success are all nice. But we feel like we are using our money wisely when we can support ourselves and those around us. We feel free when our bonds to others are healthy instead of constricting. We feel successful when we are able to feel secure financially and are connected to others. Sitting alone in a pile of gold has a similar feel to sitting on a pile of rocks alone.

We struggle with motivation at times because we’re often going about it the wrong way. We try to use fear, but fear wears away. We try to use logic, but logic isn’t very inspiring. We try to use self-discipline but that’s something we need to build up over time and for the right reasons.

It’s true, we need money to survive. This shouldn’t be a spot of shame on us. We might not love what we do– that’s okay. If we are miserable, over time we can work to see if there is a better path. It’s easy to fear getting stuck. Midlife crises are unfortunately common. There’s that terrifying idea that we will blink and our life will have passed us by. But if that is your fear, then act. Take charge of your decisions. Whatever you chose in life, chose it willingly. Chose it without regrets. We are forced into all sorts of situations, but we take responsibility for who we are, we are empowered.

Life will be difficult in some way, no matter what. There will always be boring situations. The key to being okay with that is realizing that even the boring moments are moments of our lives. There is a beauty in everywhere if we look for it. There is always something interesting, and when we open our minds to it in the little moments, we can begin to trust oursleves that we’ll find it in the important moments.

vy for your own attention

Breathe. Seriously. Right now, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. The world is a noisy, frustrating, emotional mess. You often have to shout over the din, trying to get out an opinion It might feel like giving in to some animal nature.

Afterall, its the competition for attention that we engage in. It’s important because we learn how to deal with other people and speak their language. By gaining other people’s attention, we may end up doing amazing things! However, more often then not, we don’t need their attention– they need ours. We always assume that we have something valuable and important to say. If we assume we do, then we cannot pretend that that is an exception. As annoying and horrible as other people may come across, they may have a point, and you’ll never know that point without stopping for a moment.

Stopping to breathe is important because it takes You out of that comptetition. You’re vying only for our own attention. Then, breathing and being focused on it, we give in a little. We may compete for applause but life itself isn’t a battle against other people. We’re all on our own tracks, doing our best, even as those efforts look different. So breathe. If you mess up, try again. If you mess up again, you try again. Let the world do what it wants for a time and don’t forget to step back and get perspective.