Picking the right path

It’s hard to stay committed to our goals. It’s easier to not care, to be selfish, to take the easy way out and give an excuse. We promise ourselves we won’t give in to our temptations, but we do. Over and over again, we have to recommit ourselves, and try to be better.

No one goes through this life without challenges. Everyone has a vice, and everyone has let that vice win themselves over more than they want it to. Sometimes it’s pushing people away, sometimes it’s giving too much of yourself, sometimes it’s a drug, sometimes it’s a person, sometimes its an illness, but everyone has something that they need to overcome. Our troubles may be unique to us in kind, but they are never unique to us by nature. We are both special and not at all special.

You are a special individual because you’ve gone through specific circumstances and were born the way you were. However, as strange as it may sound, we can also take comfort in the fact that we aren’t special at all. Someone has felt your kind of pain. Even if they haven’t jumped over the same hurdle, they know how you feel. Sure, you may be broken, but everyone else is too, and we’re trying our best to get put back together. So it matters that you try and be better than who you were yesterday, but if you need to recommit yourself to your goals, that’s okay. Recommit yourself every day to live the life you want to live.

October :)

October is here, even if the weather disagrees with the idea and decides to be summer-warm, but it is here and it is lovely! People love October for different reasons. The turning leaves, the cooler temperatures, the color themes, the flavors, Halloween! It’s not one piece of it per se, but the whole vibe made up from those pieces.

In a similar way, we aren’t so simple to condense down. Autumn is who we are, but our traits are harder to pin down specifically. Like fall changes from year to year and place to place, we may become different sorts of people throughout the span of our life. That’s okay! You are still you, even at the times you’re not sure of what defines you. Furthermore, it’s okay if you don’t like parts of yourself. Fall also means a lot of work, and darker weather can make people feel depressed. It doesn’t mean that everything is horrible, it just means those particular parts of it aren’t what you want them to be.

There is always a good side and a bad side to things. Even something as amazing as pumpkin pie can become disgusting in excess, and even something as horrible at the cold can be relaxing in moderation. Whatever our traits are, whoever we are, we are always in a balance to express them in the best way possible. Life is hard, and we’re all learning. That’s okay! Have a wonderful October.