spacetime is bread and sensation can be surprisingly scary

Sensation is an interesting experience, partly because it’s one of our only experiences. If we want to, we can become aware of our entire body. We can become aware of the noises occurring around us. Our skin, our eyes, it can feel the temperature of the air around us, in different waves. Spacetime is such an incredible concept because the more we think about temporality and spatial reality as a giant loaf that encompasses our existence, the more we think of ourselves as a point in that amorphous blob.

Awareness of sensation is so revolutionary for the mind to experience because it forces us to flip our orientation: we are not the center of the universe. We are a part in a much greater whole. People can differ on what sort of whole it is, or the medium in which it exists, but besides the solipsists, most people agree that we are not the only thing that exists. As terrifying as this may be, it can also be comforting.

If you mess up, life will go on. If you’re awkward and fumble in a social situation, the people you fumble in front of will probably forget about it within the next five minutes. No one obsesses at night about someone else’s social faux pas, they obsess about their own. For most individuals, other people will generally respect you and not wish ill upon you. If someone is unusually cruel and prejudiced based upon your basic attributes (things that you can’t change or don’t have an influence on the kind of person you are, morally), their judgment is irrational.

Generally, people don’t care. It’s the default. However, the actions you take have an influence on others, and you can make people care. You are here right now. Your decisions are your own. We make mistakes and then we try to fix them and avoid doing the same in the future. You are here right now, and you, this point in spacetime, are pretty amazing.

2 thoughts on “spacetime is bread and sensation can be surprisingly scary”

  1. There’s also idealism which says nothing can be known outside of the senses, or that consciousness itself is fundamental to reality. I don’t really understand it but I think the theory that spacetime is emergent from quantum entanglement links to idealism or panpsychism. So I guess time is dependent on our experience of consciousness not the other way around..It’s really triply to think about…

    Anyway, as we used to say up north, ‘a happy body is a happy mind’ 🙂

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    1. Haha yeah! There’s definitely a place to get pulled into the weeds and want to talk about if objective reality exists in the first place. Time perception is absolutely fascinating to research, and there’s so much we just don’t fully understand yet when it comes to our own perception of reality. I tend to just go with what most people have assumed about existence for these posts because I’m a fan of the more practical application, focus on one’s own locus of control, etc. but you’re absolutely right, it’s a wonderful subject area to dive into and learn about! Thank you for reading! I’m so glad you cared enough to share your opinion 🙂


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