uh, wait a minute, I forget…

Humans like to forget things. Drugs have been a part of our culture almost since the beginning of our species, partly because it takes away the past self to a certain extent. Every culture in every time has had some sort of entertainment to distract people. Our brains themselves are masters of creating and transforming the memories we’ve already made into whatever suits our desires. We can’t forget everything, but we can do a surprisingly good job of blocking out past events in the right circumstances.

The reason we like to forget things is that we reach a level where we become too much for ourselves. The life is hard. The more you look into something, the more complex it gets. It becomes difficult to deal with the truth of situations because the truth can seem to be unreachable. In the light of this multi-headed beast, we tend to settle for wherever we ended up when we got tired and stopped. Along the way, our minds tend to get caught up in a cycle that slowly gets us tangled up somewhere dark and alone. So we try to forget since dwelling on that psychological state is upsetting.

Our minds will always get caught up. We’re vulnerable and fragile creatures when it comes to overthinking. We are kites perpetually getting caught in trees. However, there is a difference in dealing with our problems and ignoring them. Of course, we should forget things, but only once we’ve dealt with them. Dealing with our problems isn’t fun. It’s exhausting, which is why we need things like entertainment. But we can easily overuse it to the point we miss out on our actual ‘living’ part of life. It’s a strange balance, and it requires constant readjusting, to know when you need to relax and when you need to charge at solving your problems. Either way, we will continue to forget. Our choice is in what we choose to remember.

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