people, peace, and painting

Life is like painting: it takes patience, practice, and just know that you’re going to mess up. Sometimes we sketch out our plans and outline them and everything, but the second we start to actually carry it out, we have doubts. We want to switch the painting around. And while we hate the idea of painting without that nice skeleton outline, we can make do with what we have.

Things won’t turn out exactly like you have them in your head. Even if all your dreams come true, the people populating them will be more different and varied that you can possibly account for. Being at peace seems like a joke in many ways. Life has conflicts! Life has people, and people are hard to deal with. However, without those people, life is miserable. The trick then, is learning how to be okay with people, how to be at peace with your relationships.

Communication sounds simple but it’s the hardest thing to do, because we don’t necessarily know the words or phrases to express exactly where we’re at. We have to trust every time we open our mouth that the person will be listening, and if they’re listening, that they will understand. It takes courage to say some things, and it’s okay if it’s difficult for you. Words are hard. However, pushing through our fear and expressing our feelings to those closest to us is the right thing to do. It keeps us honest and open. When we let other people idealize us, we do both people a disservice. You are human and you are flawed– so is everyone else. Aim for tact, but if worst comes to worst, just know that the most important thing is to get it out there. Tell people where you’re going, where you want to go, what you plan on eating, if you’re tired, if you want them to go away or stay; tell people because they won’t know otherwise. Life is like painting, it takes practice, and patience, but don’t be afraid to lay it all out.

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