a short review of the Breakfast Club and some takeaways

I recently watched The Breakfast Club for the first time, after years of hype and exclamations of it being peoples’ favorite movie. While I can see and understand the ways that the movie is moving, I didn’t really like it. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I had an idea in my mind of what it was going to be like, and it veered away from that vision considerably, but mostly, I didn’t get the turn around. A group of incredibly different high schoolers get thrown into a room and they hate each other. Then they run around a bit, and suddenly they consider each other to be friends, or even lovers at the end. While the movie was much closer than most at reproducing actual human interaction and connecting to those different from you, you know that one Saturday they spend together probably won’t change them.

The good thing about the movie, however, is that you don’t see Monday at school. It leaves open the possibility that the Breakfast Club stays friends somehow. That’s the inspiring part of the movie, the fact that it could be the start or the end and you’ll never know. While I dislike parts of the movie, I do think that there can always be a takeaway, and that is, don’t give yourself an ending just yet.

We can probably predict relatively well what path we’ll take within the next day, week, year. Sometimes it can seem like we can predict years and years into the future. However, you don’t know. You aren’t kept to being the same person. If you want, you can make a difference in your own life. The problem, the hard bit, is what they don’t know in the movie. If you want to make a difference in yourself, you have to be different every day. You can’t just air fist one day and be a victor, you have to work every day at being kinder, more understanding, more outgoing, whoever you want to be. It’s challenging, and the challenge rarely lets up, but it’s doable. Whether or not you’ve seen the movie or like the movie, you can make a difference in your own life. You are not alone, and you can get through whatever obstacle is set before you.

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