it’s not your natural talent but

Everyone has their talents. Everyone has a field or activity that they love. Sometimes those two things don’t overlap. To be naturally gifted in one way, and not at all in something that really matters to you can hurt. However, there are two primary things we can learn from this dilemma: hard work matters, and so does taking the time to ask yourself about your own motivations.

Ask yourself about why you hate a specific activity. Probably everyone hates the activity of getting shot because of the incredible amount of pain that risks your life. In other areas, however, it’s not as clear. You may hate exercising because it’s painful and perhaps humiliating in the presence of others who are more fit. However, if you want to be healthier and happier, you know you have to do it. You’re split because you want to be someone who likes and consistently exercises, but getting to that point is intimidating and will require a lot out of you. Maybe you hate an activity because it’s associated with people you don’t respect, who’ve hurt you. As there are many reasons we hate activities, ask yourself about why you love the activities you do. Why do you like writing? Why do you like watching movies? Why do you like partying with your friends? As silly as it may seem, there’s overlap in both the things we hate and the things we love.

When we understand our motivations, we get a better grasp on the activities and things we hate for their own sake, and things that maybe we love because someone else did it. When it comes to deciding how we spend our time, if we are okay with our reasons for pursuing an activity and are committed to it, not having the ‘natural talent’ for it is unnecessary. Hard work means a lot. It may take a long time, it may take far more effort for you than for other people, but that hard work will pay off. Whatever our tendencies are, tendency does not equate to destiny.  Looking at what and why we do things can help us make ourselves into who we want to be.

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