tis the school season

School is coming, and for some, it’s already here. The students are heading back, as are the teachers and other school employees. It’s at times like these when we realize how important it is to be thankful for our experiences in the summer, and to realize that we aren’t dumb, it’s just going to take us a while to get back into the swing of things.

No matter how we’ve spent our summer, we can be grateful for it. If you’ve vacationed to different countries, it might be easier to be thankful. However, each moment we have is precious and limited. Today is part of our lives. Today is this incredible concept and period of time in which we can take action! While we have this new opportunity in our lives each day, we don’t know how the day will turn out. It is special, even on the days we forget to see it like that. All of the days we’ve used over the summer, they meant something. They’ve developed as people, for better or worse. They’ve brought us to conclusions and given us experiences, even if those experiences are familiar and worn.

Moving forward is difficult because there’s mountains of work to overcome. School often feels like a switch, where you’re suddenly thrown into an old world at the drop of a hat. It’s disorienting, so give yourself leeway. You will adjust to the schedule and place. You will get back into the swing of things like always. Some people have been working all summer, or using their brain at camp, and it may seem like they are above you intellectually. Don’t forget! Your mind can work as well! With a little practice, it’s like riding a bike to get back into things. You aren’t dumb, it’s just been a while.

Be thankful! And face the school year with a sense of positivity because you’ve changed over the summer. You can do great things!

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