working with other people

Humans typically operate in families and/or groups of friends is because we don’t like be alone. We also tend to group up because we have flaws as individuals that lead us to be less than what we’d like. There is always something that you as an individual will fail in, but in the right group, that failing won’t matter.

We balance each other out. Emotional people may end up wasting their energy fruitlessly, but people who rely on logic may be too hesistant to give tasks their all. We need both the emotional motivation and the clear logical plan. Or, perhaps you can’t provide support creatively, but you have the will and ability to carry tasks out to their completion. Or maybe you can help others emotionally and give good advice, but you’re out of your comfort zone when people talk about the technical details. Each of our strengths and weaknesses, they mean something. Like puzzle pieces, when we work together, we don’t all have to be brilliant at everything. All we need is to give what we can to help things run smoothly.

No one is perfect. No one is a genius in all areas without suffering in something. There is a cost to the actions we take throughout our lives and the subsequent skills we gain because no matter what we do, we could always be doing something else. Yet, that’s okay! We each have our groups: our work, our families, our friends. We may be on our own for certain bits of our lives, but those periods of time are often short. For all of our weaknesses, we each have our strengths to offer.

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