the coordinates of right here, right now

We are who we are. No matter who we want to be, and no matter who we’ve been, right now you are the person you are. There’s both good things and bad things about our current state. Maybe we’re forward, which makes us easy to get to know but hard to deal with at times. Or, maybe we’re too soft spoken, too willing to let people talk over us, but can really get along with others.

There’s no ‘perfect’ combination of traits inside a single human being that makes them inherently better than anyone else. We all are surviving the best we can with what we have. All of our vices have virtues, and all of our virtues vices. The real question is this: What are you going to about it? If you want to be something you’re not, the best way to get there is to do the things that that person does. Don’t buy a yacht just because you want to be a billionaire, but ask yourself what part of that lifestyle you want. If it’s for the materials, then become hardworking by working hard on what’s in front of you. You might not have the strappings of a billionaire, but you can have the ambition, drive, and work ethic of self-made one. There will always be cause to do anything; we are masters at justification. So do what you know you need to do! Pay attention to your conscience and people’s advice.

The first step to anything is realizing where you are. No matter who you are, there is something you can fix about yourself. However, there’s also some good, some talent in you too! We tend to overlook our natural talents because for us, there’s always there. Math is incredibly difficult to a lot of people, if you can do that? That’s a skill! That’s something good about your abilities! Maybe it’s not math, maybe it’s writing, or being a good friend, or being hard working, or being creative, or any of a multitude of things! Yes, go out and be the person you want to be– you have that capability. You are who you are, but that doesn’t make that place a rut, nor does it make it the only place you can be. Life is a journey and we’re progressing whether we like it or not. Actively decide where you want to progress to, because you have talents to get you places if you look in the right places.

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