minimalist goals

Spurned on by my messy room and a random TedTalk I decided to become minimalist. It was relatively easy for me because I’m young, poor, and have little attachment to most physical things. For others, its probably a much larger step. I’m likely not a “true” minimalist just yet either because I have a pile of old clothes in storage I needed to get rid of, but I’ve taken the plunge into owning less and keeping it that way. I suggest it, it’s way easier to clean, to find the things you need, and allows you to really think about what you need.

However, I’m still working on being more minimalist in my goals. I recently read a LinkedIn article on why “finding your passion” is horrible career advice. The bottom line is that it assumes we have one passion, and that’s just not realistic for most people. I have adored and taken dance lessons for most of my childhood, but it would be incredibly difficult for me to seek back into becoming a professional dancer at this point, especially because I’m really quite inflexible. Some things pass us by, or aren’t good fits. Sure, you could make the effort. With enough practice and time, you could become good at anything! That’s the key phrase there, “with enough practice and time”.

We often can’t give ourselves to a singular passion, but then again, we also have so many things we want to do that we don’t. We struggle with being minimalist in our goals, because we think that, somewhere, somehow we’ll be able to achieve all of them. We won’t. Or maybe we just might, but we can’t if we think of it as achieving all our goals at once. Rather, we need to list out what we want to do, and work on them one at a time. Split effort means more overall work and less overall result. When we work with fewer results, we aren’t as motivated to keep going.

So avoid splitting yourself up! Have those few goals you want the most, and post them up everywhere you look most often. Think about them. Work for them. Realize why you want them and go for it! Don’t think you have to find one specific thing to devote your life to, just focus on one specific thing right now, and trust yourself that you’ll get to the other stuff.

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