keep your pinky swears

Humans justify. It’s what we do. For any conceivable action, we can think of some reasoning that might excuse it. Some reasonings work better than others, but we are experts in excuses and justifications. That’s why the phrase, “Just do it” is so impactful. The advertisers at Nike were brilliant because they saw through the excuses that people made for not excercising (or buying their products). In other ways, even with the “treat yourself” movement inspired by Parks and Rec, operates on the same sort of motivation.

We shouldn’t be dumb. We should consider our actions and be cautious in risk taking. However, there comes a point where we aren’t being reasonable; we are letting our reservations and fears control us. The most important plans are the ones we plan for oursleves because we plan out our goals with just our desires in mind. It’s then in the moment of struggle that we convince ourselves we don’t care.

But if you cared enough to make this promise to yourself then, you can struggle through to keep it. Even if you doubt that your dreams will turn out, the pursuit is noble. We don’t always have to drop everything to pursue a crazy goal. Rather, we can work it out and work our way up to it. We don’t have to be dumb, but we do need to keep our promises, even the ones to ourselves that we forget.

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