A/C is life

The most ironic part of summertime is that if you’re indoors, you spend most of your time freezing cold. Subsequently, just the matter of staying at a decent temperature requires a constant readjustment of layers. While some might be able to avoid the battle of the thermostat and sweater, for most, there is no choice if you want to be able to make a living. But even in our times of alternating shivering and sweating, we can find some item that reminds us of how we can see the world.

That item, or perhaps system in this case, is air conditioning. More specifically, life is like air conditioning. Whether we want the cold, coming in from working in the hot sun, or we want it to rise to some decent temperature as we wriggle away under the blast, the a/c is constant. We can’t schmooze the a/c into being kinder to us. Assuming we can’t touch any temperature controls and we aren’t allowed to fix the system manually, the a/c is going to do what it wants, and so does life. The only real thing we can do is try and be prepared.

We can be prepared for life in a few ways (I call them “1, 2… and so on but they aren’t ranked. The numbers are just for organizational clarity). Number one, we can be financially responsible. Whether we like to admit it or not, how much money we have drastically affects our mobility and ability to deal with emergencies and unfortunate situations. Seeking to be our best in something so boring can make a massive difference in an event down the road.

Number two is relationships. We need people, and we need relationships we can depend on. Being alone is miserable, and it’s not how we’re built. Relationships work best where there is open communication and respect. It’s work, but fulfilling and necessary against the cold.

Number three and last major way we can deal with what life throws at us, is a healthy combination of cautiousness and action. If we do not act, we will stagnate and close in on ourselves. If we are not cautious, we may jump into a minefield. Consider the dangers that different behaviors bring to us. If it’s not worth it, don’t be an idiot: but if it is, take the risk. Be smart about the choices you make.

Life can be cold and unforgiving. We can’t yell it into being fair. What we can do is be prepared, and come with layers! By being financially responsible, socially respectful, and pragmatic, we have mobility in whatever life throws at us.

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