you are a water bottle

For the next few posts, I’ll be starting a little theme: I’ll pick a physical item and explain how it represents something we should remember. That way, every time you see the item, hopefully it’ll make your day a bit better. Today, that item is a reusable water bottle.

You are a water bottle. Inside of you, instead of water, there is life. However, like an environmentally friendly reusable water bottle, we can be filled up, again and again. The problem is that we forget that. We assume that all we are is the strength we have inside of us at the time. While we do have strength inside of us, that’s not the entirety of our source.

Humans don’t exist in a vacuum. Just by being around people, we begin to develop relationships with them. In fact, they don’t even have to be people. Consider the fact that animals can’t talk to us, and yet for our pets, we still try to overcome those barriers by learning how what kind of noises they make and their behaviors. Even inanimate objects, if we hold onto them long enough or if they are from someone who held unto them long enough, become special to us. Whether you think of yourself as a relational person or not, we seek out and form relationships because it is our nature.

Knowing that makes it only all the more obvious that if we are not alone in our daily life, there’s no reason we should be alone in our struggles. While we may have to face individual obstacles by ourselves, we have support. Sometimes it just takes a while to find those who are willing to support you, and who you can support too.

So be a water bottle! Pour out into other people, and let them pour into you. Cherish your relationships, and try to be a person you’d want to be friends with. If you isolate yourself, you’re not only depriving yourself, but you’re depriving people out there the chance to get to know someone they’d love.

*a few of the stickers in the image are from snapchat

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