what’s your relationship status with your goals?

It’s hard to balance the lessons of “It’s always greener on the other side!” and “Go out and get what you want!” . The bottom line is that things will always be better, there will always be ways to improve. AKA, sometimes life is going to suck. The real question is how much of that are you willing to accept? On one hand, have high standards! Achieve big things! But on the other, don’t drive yourself insane chasing Moby Dick.

The relationship we have with our goals is an important one, but one we don’t always consider. You don’t want to be in an abusive relationship ever– but also don’t be in one with your aspirations. Your dreams and goals are that, goals: targets to aim for and work for. If you beat yourself up because it doesn’t turn out precisely how you want, you’re harming yourself for no reason. If you really love it, you’ll try again and see if you can make it work out. If you can’t for some reason, than that’s okay. Your worth and your value are not dependent on how much you achieve, even if that’s how it feels. Rather, see it for what it is; You still took the shot and tried your best, and that means something. Your goals aren’t your entire identity.

The other common relationship we have with our goals is a casual one. In this scenario, you have big dreams! But then you don’t follow up on them. For whatever reason, you don’t take any steps to achieving it, or you don’t put in enough effort. If you’re being honest with yourself, in this scenario, you aren’t trying your best. Your goals are more, “It would be cool if…”, rather than, “I want to work hard to get ….”. In this situation, you say you care, and you think you care, but your actions say otherwise. Have all the dreams you want, but it means nothing until you do something with it!

We need to care about where we’re going and what we’re chasing down. The key is to look at your relationship with your goals. Do you act on your goals, consistently and to the best of your effort? If not, consider if it’s really a priority to you in the first place. Do you feel your goal is the entirety of your being, and preoccupies every aspect of your day? You might be a little too into your dream. We are complex beings, and we need variety! We need to be able to spend time with people, relax, stretch our minds– It’s good to have a purpose, but that’s not the only thing that matters.


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