not flawless

Our experiences are tinted with all that we are, context, and natural human biases. Just misunderstanding the tone of someone’s voice can cause a massive conflict. Intent matters, but so does what actually happened, and what other people understood it to mean. We’re flawed, but so are the people around us.

My point is that your opinions and experiences matter– and so does everyone else’s. We cannot make a bubble for ourselves and give ourselves extra rights. But it becomes frustrating, because, as humans, we like to feel special. It’s our psychological tendency to blame context for our failures and give ourselves credit for our successes. Even though logically we know both choices and context matter, we ignore the role of whichever one is most uncomfortable to recognize.

We could do a variety of things with our lives, but at the end, we need to take responsibility of all our choices. Context matters. Environments can change personality drastically. We could want to be set apart and admired, but first we have to earn that and work towards that. We’re human! We mess up! The real question is whether or not we’ll chose to step up to the plate when the pressure is on.

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