in sick and in healthy times

When you’re sick, it’s not the horrible physical pain itself, but the length of sickness that’s excruciating. Torture isn’t about the amount of pain, so much as the timetable. If you had to undergo all the pain you could physically hold, as long as it was in a short enough period of time, you could take it.

That’s why its so important to remember to breathe. No, seriously, breathe right now. Take it in. Be slow and deliberate. Then be thankful because (probably) you aren’t stuffed up or coughing right now. Long scale pain becomes such a problem because it requires so much of your attention. When things are going right, we often don’t appreciate our bodies. It is only when things are going wrong inside them that we begin to curse them.

Sickness may come. Misery surely will. Pain will be there to haunt us throughout our lives, in various forms. The worst pain comes from the extended period of time we experience it. But the beauty is that we get to live so much and so well without it! Humans tend to fixate on the negative; it’s more motivating for us to avoid the negative results than to run towards positive ones. Yet we experience good things for long period of time as well, in the forms of good relationships and circumstances. Let’s celebrate that! Let’s live gratefully, and let the time of our joy increase that joy!

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