scroll and bones

We all can become better at something. The problem is that there seem to be too many things we should become better at.  We should be better at math, exercise more, not let people walk over us– and yet we fall back into bad habits and it doesn’t feel like we’re getting better at anything. For everything we put time into, that’s the amount of time we aren’t putting into something else. When we have the motivation to put in effort, it’s such a struggle to accomplish a single goal, and so when we are faced with all of our goals, it seems easier to not put in effort at all.

However, scrolling on social media isn’t going to make you into smarter, funnier, or better at that goal you have. Most of what it does it just numb you to reality. But why not let that happen? Reality seems overwhelmingly dull. Why put effort into the things around you, the things you see and deal with everyday? Maybe social media doesn’t make you better at things, but it does entertain, and provide things to talk about with other people. Who hasn’t bonded over a quality meme? It’s technology that became part of our lives strangely quick, and yet it does have a significant impact on our lives.

I don’t want to say that social media is evil. I don’t think it is. However, as a society, we’re like the kid who wants to ice cream for every meal: We don’t know how to self regulate this new treat just yet. The point is, it’s fine to go on social media, but it’s not fine to let that take over your life. There are a lot of things to achieve! But you don’t have to achieve all of them. Rather, struggling through to that one goal says a lot about your character! Struggling is a choice, and it’s a hard one to make. However, each time we decide to struggle, we get closer to our goals, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Numbing yourself to reality just makes life more boring in the long run. The effort may not always seem like it’s worth it, but looks can be deceiving. Your hard work matters.

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