the little choices

There good things, bad things, and about everything inbetween in this world. Life is a complex beast. But what remains every day is something absolutely incredible: a chance to make that day what you will. No human can control everything, but you don’t need to control everything! You have control over yourself! It may not seem like much at first, but it’s really an amazing gift!

If we want to take a nap, we can. If we want to sing out Britney tunes, we can. If we want to be productive or be lazy, we can. It’s our choice a majority of the time to do what we want. The problem is that it doesn’t always seem like that; afterall, we have responsibilities! We get forced into situations where if we want to appease the people in our lives and survive, we need to make sacrifices. We could not go to school or work, but the outcomes would be so negative, we doesn’t feel like an choice at all.

However, what we tend to overlook is that there are more choices than we think in our lives. What we decide to do, for the duration we decide to do it, they all impact us. From more meaningless questions like “Which stall should I go into in the bathroom?” To “Should I speak up in front of these people?”, we are making decisions almost constantly. We aren’t cognizant of them being choices because they don’t seem big or fancy enough.

We are not trapped into some cage. Each moment can be a step into bringing us closer to who we want to be! There are certain things that are our of our control, but don’t underestimate yourself! You are capable of so much more than you think!

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