what are your stats?

We struggle, we learn. We do it again. The difficulties lie in all the other things that make that process complicated. Some mistakes can’t be taken back or changed or fixed. We can tell the truth and people may still think it a lie. We can fall into bad habits and not realize how much it’s hurt us until we’ve suffered something incredibly painful.

There’s always something we can do. There is always an ability to move on and learn from situations. However, it’s best to avoid making your life miserable in the first place! And the key step to that is looking for what we can improve. Do you need to be more bold? Less cocky? More kind? Less rushed? More ambitious? Try to look at yourself objectively. Then look at your relationships. Are you honest with the people in your life? Have you told them recently how much you care for them? What can you do to make their lives better? Do you need to give them more space? Maybe you need to move in closer?

Mistakes will happen and we may end up making errors we can’t ever change. However, taking a little status check every once in while is key to staying on your game. You are never too old or too young to learn and grow! It’s a process that helps give life meaning and develops us into people who are better than the people we were yesterday. So ask questions! Be honest with yourself. Give yourself a status check.

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