when life throws you off a cliff for fun

Life happens whether we like it or not. Things get in our way, we are thrust into horrible circumstances. We miscommunicate about something important. We forget something and have to pay the price. Something happens that messes up our plans and it’s discouraging! We struggle and struggle and find that the struggle keeps continuing.

Yet! As much as problems block our path and we get thrown into circumstances beyond our control, our struggles are not the only thing we experience. We also are constantly breathing– just because something takes continuous effort doesn’t make it bad. It also doesn’t force “breathing” to be an all-encompassing label upon our life. We breathe, and yet we don’t typically think of ourselves as “breathers”. In the same way, struggling doesn’t define you. It is an important part of you, but it’s just one aspect of being a complex individual. We are more than our problems.

We are made up of so much! And no matter how terrible you your life may be, there is always something beautiful in it. It could be a friend, or a class. Heck, it could even be as small as a pretty painting! But life isn’t so tiny to be boiled down to our difficulties, and therefore we have so much more to live for and experience. There is always hope, its just a matter of finding where to look.

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