why thank you

Gratitude is weird. It’s like a human reboot, your self thought-processes get reset by the realization: “Wow. I can’t do anything on my own, these people have supported me so much! ” And it’s the truth! As individualistic, self-starter, and ambitious as we may be, we can do nothing alone. Our psyche is made to work and connect with others! When we are at our best, it’s because we’ve had the social support to get there.

However, gratitude is something we need to actively fight ourselves for. We need to be thankful, but it can be really hard to drag ourselves away from the tired thoughts of the day. It takes practice to stop, just sit still, and appreciate how far you’ve progressed and how much of that is due to other people. It takes self control and it’s a skill that you build up over time.

However, there is a tendency to shy away from gratitude because of egocentric tendencies. After all, if you work hard, you want to be acknowledged for that work! We’re biased because we always experience how much trouble a task is for us first hand, and the trouble other people face second hand. Sure, other people have given us support, but our pride wants to play it down because it will make our own worth seem less. However, why do we want that worth in the first place? Or rather, who are we trying to impress by waving around how valuable we are? Being grateful doesn’t take away from you, it only adds to others. So be thankful! Make a little list and personally thank some important individuals in your life! We can achieve great things, but never alone.

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