say, “joke’s on you, Life!”

April Fool’s Day is a glorious time for some individuals. They plan elaborate tricks, even months in advance, and launch them on the day it’s most socially acceptable to do so. Pancakes on the ceiling, plastic wrap, and vaseline where you least expect it on the day you most expect it. Rick and Morty famously released the first episode of their third season solely because most people thought it’d be a prank. However, there is a distinct line between those who love April Fool’s Day and those who hate it, and it mostly revolves around one’s opinions of pranks.

Not all pranks are funny, and even if the prank is funny, it can easily go wrong or harm the victim of the trick. It can hurt the trust in relationships. Or, it can be a bonding moment you tell fond stories of! Pranks are, in their essence, a risk. People who pull pranks tend to be more risky, reckless people because they are the ones willing to take the chance. What if the person you’re pranking gets so scared they have a heart attack? What if they get distracted and hurt themselves in the confusion? What if someone happens right before hand that causes them to be in a horrible psychological state? For those who prank each other all the time, or who can laugh things off easily, it’s just fun! The question, though, is if the one you prank will be able to see it like you see it, and it remains unanswered until you take the chance.

Life comes fast and hard. It pulls cruel pranks that no human mind could think up. Yet, if not with pranks, we need to learn how to take risks. We need to take chances. There will always be questions, but you’ll never get the answers doing nothing. We can guess how people will react, plan out things that shouldn’t harm anyone, and do our best to get at a specific goal. However, there always will be that place we can’t see, that jump we’re not sure we can make. Ask yourself, is this hesitation coming from my uncertainty in the goal, or from the uncertainty in myself? If it’s coming from yourself, you have nothing to lose. Either you’ll make it and be closer to your goal, or you’ll fail and learn what not to do. If it’s coming from your goal, keep searching! You can take risks any day, not just April Fools’.

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