buy an umbrella if it’s raining

The world is a jungle, a tropical rain forest with incredibly high annual precipitation. The thing about rain is that while it is critical for life, it has a negative connotation. Most people run indoors away from the rain, not bask in it. There’s practically no one who likes heavy cold rain because it’s uncomfortable and (literally) sickening. Plenty of people compare life to rainstorms, but we miss out on the kinds of storms there are.

Not every storm, not every obstacle is overwhelmingly difficult. In life, there are sunny, good days. Yet, no matter who we are, or where we come from, everyone experiences things that are horrible to them. How objectively “bad” an experience is might differ greatly, but subjectively, everyone faces conflict at some point that really challenges them. There are also days where it might rain, but it’s okay because you know you’ll get through it fine. After all, plenty of people like light, warm rain, just as challenges can be invigorating. We need to be able to last through the hurricanes of life, and the best way to deal with hard obstacles is by facing them

It’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be uncertain. It’s okay to feel unprepared. If challenges didn’t shake us, they wouldn’t be challenges at all. The key point, however, is that we need to move forward! We need to grasp today and live it! Even if we’re trembling in our boots, we need to take the step. Whatever the conflict is in your life, you need to make a plan to overcome it, and work towards that. It doesn’t have to be spectacular, you just need to do you best! Trying your best is the most incredible thing you can do. Life isn’t necessarily pretty, but it is worthwhile.


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