missing the train

Sometimes you miss an opportunity. You knew about it, you wanted it, but for some reason, you just didn’t take it. And what is the result? You’re in the same rut as before. You see others who have taken their own leaps and they are doing incredible things. When you look at yourself, you ask, “Why didn’t I take that chance?”

We don’t take risks for a lot of reasons. It might be terrifying! After all, any time you break a routine and spread your wings, you’re in new territory by definition. Or maybe you wanted to, but you decided not to because you thought you couldn’t do it. Or maybe it’s some other reason. However, life is a gift. There’s so much we don’t deserve but get anyways!

When we don’t take risks, it’s a horrible feeling because we knew we could’ve done more. We could have been more. But that’s the thing! Every moment is an opportunity. Maybe you missed out on something you could have loved! Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe instead you’re on your way to something even better. No matter what, the best solution is to move forward, to ready yourself the next time an opportunity comes around! You can do this.

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