why you should care about your hogwarts house

Today is Ravenclaw Pride day! For those who aren’t familiar with the Harry Potter series, Ravenclaw is a house of the Wizarding School of Hogwarts. Aspiring wizards in the world of Harry Potter are sorted into one of four houses based upon personality and motivations. Hufflepuffs are loyal and motivated by their relationships, Gryffindors are brave and motivated by their personal code, Slytherins are clever and motivated by their ambitions, and Ravenclaws (the best house), are wise and motivated by knowledge. Along with wisdom, Ravenclaws are also defined by their honesty, wit, and individuality. Regardless of your knowledge of the Harry Potter franchise or your Hogwarts House, there’s something to be gained by looking closely at this fictional institution.

People are motivated by numerous things, and even our traits vary in degree depending on the context. Why are we then so fixed upon knowing which box of personality we fall into? The phenomenon of taking pointless buzzfeed quizzes instead of doing work is a common one. Why do we care which character we are from some 90s show? Why do we have to “Decorate an apartment and … see what design aesthetic you have!” ? It’s because we like to know who we are. We like to see how we fit in with others. Since we’re biased to how we want to be portrayed, stupid personality quizzes provide a standard way of organizing people. Even if those standards are absolutely ridiculous and have no scientific backing, it’s fun! It shows us a part of ourselves we might not always be able to see.

So when it comes to the popularity of Harry Potter and knowing which Hogwarts House you’re in, it’s just that! Its fun and interesting to see where you fall in the best. It can also be a method of stabilizing yourself. When you have doubts about how capable or brave or hardworking or intelligent you are, when you wonder what your values are, something as silly as knowing your Hogwarts House is support. Maybe you don’t know what the future will bring, but you know what kind of person you are. But no matter your house, you can always reach out to those you care about, ambitiously follow your dreams, take risks, and make the wisest choice. So be proud! Knowing what you value is key to motivating you to do those amazing things you are capable of!

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