what works? Hard work.

What we have built into us is a fear of failure. Risks are called risks because there is that chance everything could explode. It’s not easy to work hard and follow your dreams! Whether we realize it or not, we make justifications.

We tend to say, ” well, that’s just not my forte” when we come up to obstacles. We fool ourselves into thinking that any one path is going to be all sunshine and flowers, so facing difficulties means it’s not that singular perfect passion for you. But that’s not how things work! There will always be troubles, always inconviences that will plague you. The real question is if whether or not you are working towards a goal you’ll be happy with when you achieve it. Wanting to be finacially stable is a good goal! However, if that’s your only goal, think about how you’ll feel after you’ve accomplished it. People are different and thereby have different values, so people’s paths aren’t going to look the same.

That being said, there’s no use in pretending like you’ll up in a CEO position or becoming a doctor if you aren’t willing to put in the work. Instead, it means that we typically only see small snippets of other people’s lives. You can’t and won’t know everyone’s story. But what we can do is work hard. What we can do is keep going when there is a threat of failure. What we can do is keep going, moving on past that failure, especially when it hurts. Hard work is exactly that, Hard. The difference lies in that hard work will get you further than if you hadn’t tried in the first place.

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