the flavor of cheesy life

As much disdain and gruesome sneers result from the phrase, “Hallmark Movies”, there’s a distinct flavor to them. Along with cheesy phrases, cliques, and even cheesier movies, there is a part of us that loves all the hackneyed things of this world. Humans like to feel good. It’s why we eat lots of junk food and ignore our obligations! Because it’s nice to not feel uncomfortable! Cheesy movies make us feel good because they tend to wrap things up well. Instead of having to deal with the awkward, hard realities of relationships, we get to experience a story where there is most definitely a message, point, and happy ending.

There’s a temptation to think we somehow deserve a Hallmark movie life. Or rather, that we deserve some story with a nice character arc and, though there is conflict and adventure, there is faith that the ending is going to come safely and with a beautiful reward. Instead, there are ugly things around us. There is unkindness and gross behaviors and things show up. Not only is the storyline ambiguous, but the characters usually aren’t inspirational, and the words stumble around a lot more. Things don’t end neatly, and sometimes the growth we expect doesn’t happen like we want it to.

It’s good to enjoy good things! Sometimes we need dramatic, over-emotional, neat little stories to entertain us! It’s a nice treat and helps us focus on brighter thoughts. It can help hone us on an end goal and encourage us that our conflicts can be overcome! However, we shouldn’t dwell too much on perfect little worlds, because it’ll just make us all the more sad when we re-realize how unperfected our own is. The point is, we need to be active players in our own book. If we grow in expected ways, it’s not really growth, just an exercise in will.  It’s easy to say conflict is necessary, but it’s much harder to believe it. So don’t try to force yourself into being some positive train, pummeling through life with all the answers! It’s okay that things are hard. It’s okay if things aren’t good right now. Just keep going anyways.

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