telling the truth kinda sucks but it’s good for you

There are some situations that are solved best by being honest and telling someone how you feel. Those are also the situations we like to solve by doing practically anything else. Even if we know we’ll end up miserable, keeping the truth to ourselves, we don’t want to confront people. Confrontation is easy between two strangers on Twitter. In real life, with someone you care about? It’s harder.

Most people like other people, I think that’s a safe assumption. We might loathe crowds or become irate at that annoying guy whose laugh rattles your ear drums just a bit too much— but we like approval. Whether it’s from our peers, or it’s respect from our colleagues, or admiration from our friends, it’s nice to feel like we matter. When we build relationships with other people, it can become terrifying to face the truth and say what you mean. It means that all that approval, respect, maybe even love, could disappear. So we hold it in, become passive aggressive or just plain aggressive.

Knowing that “the truth will set you free”, doesn’t necessarily motivate you to be bold about your opinions. We tell ourselves that if we just keep it inside, we’ll just suck it up and move on somehow. There are situations where that might be the proper course of action. But if it keeps coming up, keeps bothering you, that means you care! It means that you should express yourself. If they can’t respect it, they weren’t your friend to begin with.

Even in other kinds of situations, be bold and honest. Say what you mean, in the most respectful way you can. Say the uncomfortable truth and be prepared to listen to whatever they’re going to say. Even if you think you’re not ready– you’ll never be. Just do it. Tell the truth.

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