concerning the confident people of the world

Why are we so attracted to confident people? To outgoing people? To people who are forthright and open? In general, when we trust a person, it’s because that have that air of self-respect. There’s probably so many factors to it, so many sides, but I think we often associate with confident people because it makes us feel safe.

When someone is confident, it generally means that they know what they are doing. It might also mean that they don’t know what they are doing but know how to deal with that uncertainty in a healthy manner Either way, confidence translates into purpose, and we like purpose! We also desire that sense of stability, knowing that things will get done. Outgoing individuals who seem to know what they are doing are attractive because it provides us with stability and motivation to stay near them. We then start to take it as, if they can get things done, so can I! It’s inspirational.

However, we can begin to feed too much off of individual people. Even if someone has a clear plan for the future, there will be problems that get in the way of that. If your sole manner of becoming motivated rests on faulty, error-prone humans, your motivation is going to faulty and error-prone as well. To be inspired is a wonderful thing! However, motivation doesn’t need to be flashy. It can come from within as well! Use the help of others, but help yourself in addition. If they can do it, so can you!

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