we never actually reach tomorrow, so get going right now

Good things take time. The biggest trees can take centuries to reach their magnificent potential. Friendships are the closest when they are consider, “tried and true”. Books and long projects, they all require exercise, practice, and effort. However, one of the greatest mistakes we can make is to think that time is the only factor in success. Two others are hard work and taking well-reasoned risks; we need to be able to take the leap and flap before flying to Alaska!

We are always building something. Our lives are like houses that are slowly built every moment we are awake. Each choice is a nail, each piece of lumber an action. What we do matters because it is the formation of ourselves. Therefore, when we say “Not yet” and stop ourselves from taking risks and practicing what we want to achieve, we aren’t “stopping” our lives. Our lives keep going. The house keeps getting built. The difference is that what’s being built isn’t what we want it to be, it’s the boring routine we’ve found solace in. We then need to decide if we’re okay with that, with who we are right now and what we’re doing. If you’re not, time isn’t going to change that. You are the only one who can change that, and that starts right now, in the present.

Growing and building things take a long while. Global warming is a monolithic threat, yet we are able to ignore it to a preposterous degree because it’s not as fast or obvious as each scene of a TV show. In a similar way, it’s easy to forget we have time, but we do. The best we can do is our best, taking those risks and putting in the effort in this moment, in this time. Aim for lofty goals, be patient with them, but remember what’s going to build it is whatever you’re doing right now.

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