selfish by the seabore

It’s easy to be selfish and think about our own needs first, but most people have a hard time writing about themsleves. It’s a lot of information, your whole life, and so trying to sum it all up is difficult. Unlike books, themes in life are often ones you have to make yourself. Those themes, however, become present in how we think.

A ball rolls off a table. You could say that the ball was destined to roll off the table. You could say someone should have stopped the ball from rolling off the table. You could say you don’t really care about the ball or the table. The point is, the same situation can be perceived and interpreted completely differently between two people, but the part of the difference lies in your beliefs. When it comes to biographies or trying to introduce yourself then, it’s less about saying something that sums you up and more about saying something that sums your beliefs up. That becomes difficult, because what do we believe?

We can claim a set of religious beliefs, a motto, or whatever, but we’ve been impacted by so many people! As we go through different stages of our lives, even if our beliefs don’t change, a certain aspect might be highlighted or softened. So when we write about ourselves, we aren’t just saying what our current mood or wants are; we’re saying these are pieces of knowledge that represent me as a whole. That’s a bit harder than “Oh man, I’m hungry” or “That guy is a jerk!”. Still, it is important to build up those themes, to consider your life as a story, with lessons learned along the way. If we decide who we are, we can spend more time focusing on someone else besides us.

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