the time of your life

There are little pieces of life that show their age. Poodle dog dresses and diners and we think of the 50s. Big hair and rock and roll 80s. Even the early 2000s now, we can think of uggs and skinny jeans. It could be clothing, which tends to be the most obvious, but it also turns up in technology, language, and values. The world moves through time and we see the markers in an accumulation of these details.

The things we take for granted right now, like smart phones, are pieces of this era. However, we ourselves are also pieces of this era. We are shaped by so many things, but one of those is the time we are born into. Being born in the 80s and being born in the 90s means two completely different things because technology is different, values are different. Right now, we are forming our own era, our own time, our own customs and norms. Without conscious effort, we adapt the bits of life that will make this time stand apart seperate from the rest. Unlike physical things and trends however, our genes will go on.

What’s crazy to think about is that all of our ancestors made it. As in, we wouldn’t be alive if not for an incredible number of people surviving before us. Not only did our great grandparents need to survive to childbearing age, but so did our great great grandparents and great great grandparents and so on and so forth! The survival of a family, of a line of heritage! Our genes can bring us misery, and we may easily complain we aren’t tall enough or fit enough or happy enough because of it. Perhaps those things are true. Yet our genes have survived, and that’s an amazing thing! It’s easy to feel old when you look back at the things that used to be, but it’s even more stunning to look forward. Even if it’s not precisely our genes that get carried along, the fact we can impact people for the better is important. You matter. Your actions matter. We aren’t those 90s pagers because we are always a fit for the age we’re in: right now.

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