recharging every bit

It’s important to rest– really rest. It’s more than stilling our physical bodies. You could sit on the couch for hours and still not really rest. Recuperation involves every bit of your body. Physically, we need to be still. Mentally, we need to put down the work for a while. Whether that work can be homework, work from the job, work for the club, or even a distracting phone, we need to stop a while. Emotionally, we need to give ourselves a break, by either being around people or getting away from them as is your preference. The key is resting your whole self, not just a part.

Prayer and meditation are found throughout many cultures, in different forms and for different purposes, yet they remain underestimated as a tool. Each culture has some version of being still and ordering one’s inner self because everyone is a mess. You can be non-religious and learn to meditate or pray. You could also be highly religious and do it! Especially in our modern age, we find the more screen time an individual has, the more likely they are to develop anxiety and depression. That’s terrifying! But it also gives us a good reason to set the phone or laptop to the side, at least for a bit. Just physically separate yourself from distractions, spend some time alone, with no bright entertaining things to dance for you.

Without recharging, we are nothing. We cannot operate 24/7. We rush from thing to thing and get angry when we find we can’t rush rest. Slow down so you’ll have to strength to get things back up to tempo! We only get one physical body for sure; it’s smart to not wreck the only vehicle we have for our soul.

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