asking the right questions

Who are we? What do we look like from other’s points of view? What impressions do we make upon strangers? Are we funny? Are we peculiar? Are we boring? Are we bland? We ask these sorts of questions, we wonder them all the time. The truth is, we will never know what every single person thinks of us. Nor will we be able to truly experience oursleves as strangers. And yet, the real problem is this: why do we wonder so much about ourselves, give ourselves so much leniency and thought, and miss out so completely on other people?

We tend to mistake humility for self-hatred. Being humble usually somehow “equates” to saying that we are awful people. The truth, however, is that humility isn’t about putting yourself down. Its about being selfless, supporting and encouraging others. On the contrary, when we put ourselves down, the task is very active and makes us focus on ourselves even more. Being humble means sincerely thinking about other’s needs before your own, not ignoring your own.

Being humble is hard. It’s not the natural mode of most people; we like to think about ourselves. But it is also incredibly important. If we desire to know what others think of us and see us as, other people might want to know the same exact thing about themselves. It’s about forgetting about yourself for a while and helping others because we’re all in this together. The great things we want to achieve are impossible alone.

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