the long haul

“Love at first sight” isn’t real because love means putting others first, sacrificing and compromising selflessly, and we aren’t prone to giving up important things for pretty strangers just because of something that could be there. Faith, trust, love, paitence– some of the greatest virtues human kind has are things that are built. Many times we make lots of snap judgements and live our lives operating on those initial intuitions . However, the things that drive us to be greater than our selfish-selves, they have more substance. If we want to become better people, we need to give ourselves more practice.

Change is a long-term project. Becoming our greatest self, fulfilling our potential, these are goals that take the rest of our lives. The reason they take the rest of our lives is because each day holds the capability of making us just a tad more kind, more loving, more paying, more wise, etc. The change is real and beautiful, but it’s really hard to see when you’re staring at the progress from two inches away. We have to step back and look at our lives as a work of art, with each addition bringing it closer to fruition.

However, it would be a mistake to think that just because we are growing, we aren’t worth anything right now. It is wonderful and good to have goals, it is fantastic and beautiful to work to see them come true! Yet, trying to attack life like a perfectionist who isn’t done-just-yet will also leave you completely frustrated. Change is a long term project, we build up to amazing heights each day, but wanting success in the future doesn’t mean you are a failure right now; it means that haven’t succeeded your goal yet. It means that while we are messed up right now, the process of growing is as valuable as the end goal. So keep going.

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