Pride is a concept, but it is also a question. Some cultures have valued it more than others, but it has existed in practically, if not totally, in all. It is tied to dignity, as well as foolishness. Pride is a way of seeing yourself as set apart from others. When someone says they have to “maintain their pride”, it often relates to their moral character and values. So what is pride? Is it a love and distinction? Or is it holding values? Maybe is it a love of certain values that is set apart?

One interesting thing about pride however, is that it is almost always placed upon a concept. A people don’t necessarily love their nation, they love the idea of that nation, the feelings and stereotypical emblems of that place or people. Pride is based upon symbols, often a more idealistic view of what the true thing is. Therefore, however, pride is by nature always an overestimation or extreme version of reality. As data points in some hypothetical graph, you could narrow down all the points and times a parent and child interacted. You could take into account every variable! But the pride that parent has in their child is more than the sum it’s parts because it’s the emotional impact that really ties home the bond they share.

Emotions are hard to deal with. Pride is a question, because it usually doesn’t “feel” wrong. To some extent, it is healthy to love and hold loyalty to some concepts and values. However, pride is also dangerous because if you always keep comparing reality to the heady notions, there’s going to be a bit of a disconnect. You’ll miss the earth with your head in the clouds. People each have their own emotions and experiences, but what connects us is the nitty gritty, reality of existence. Losing the sight of other’s experiences, setting you and your own ideals too far apart, makes us dehumanize others.

Pride is a question, but it is also something that grows within us. Let’s just be sure to mind the garden, so that we can see other people and the value they have.

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