“only the boring get bored”

“Only the boring get bored”, the phrase seems designed for annoying youth. It reminds me of children saying “I’m bored” and bothering adults who say the phrase because they want them to go away. It bothered me when I first heard it because everyone has been bored before. Even the most excitable child becomes uninterested from time to time, simply as the nature of existence. Furthermore, boring people can have very interesting lives. One might argue that some individuals use their fun actions and activities to account for their being dull in personality; they might in fact be boring but interested.

Being bored, however, seems inevitable. After all, waiting in line isn’t exactly a scintillating, edge of the seat drama. And yet, there is still that core thought: can’t we find passion and meaning in every situation, if we try hard enough? The phrase seems to get at some core belief: if we want to get something done, we need to do it ourselves. It inspires bored people to become better people. But there’s the rub: if we try hard enough. It’s hard to try. We care about a few things, and the rest of the life we become exhausted with it. Trying to care about everything like trying to furiously spoon the entire ocean into the sahara desert.

There’s another important aspect too. Does life have to be interesting? If we are safe and loved and provided for, what does our interest level matter? Obviously it does matter to the human psyche, which is why we have put so much time and effort into entertainment. But you don’t have to be entertained every second of the day. It’s okay to put down the phone and be bored.

By being bored, we come up with some of our most creative ideas. Feel bored, and then use that boredom to motivate beautiful, big things. Being bored doesn’t make you boring, it makes you thirsty for something of more substance. So remain thirsty! Keep searching and working for something more.

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