understanding the self

There are entire worlds we know nothing about. That includes possible life on other planets, but mostly I mean the experiences of different people on Earth. Watching documentaries can show a lot of that. Even watching reality tv shows about individuals from a certain culture can seem so strange to us because it is strange. It varies from what we normally expect. Part of what makes technology such a game changer is that is allows us to see the lives of people from different races, circumstances, professions, ethnicities, physical wellbeing, personality, and social group interactions! Everyone has troubles, but the flavours vary an amazing, frightening amount.

When we experience emotions, we experience them for a reason. Even our irrational bursts, there is always an emotionally rational reason beneath it, even if that reasoning isn’t fair or logical. Humans are emotional beings. We can’t act as if all emotions are good and healthy, but what we must do is deal with our emotions, all of them.

Feelings are defined as fleeting things. You feel them, and then it’s gone. The more logical side of you kicks in and suppresses the urge. That’s a good, healthy thing for your mind to do; it’s a sign of self control. But there are also deep rooted issues that keep coming back up because we keep pushing them down, and in that situation, we are ignoring instead of solving the problem.

When we want to improve ourselves, we have to put ourselves into context a bit. Like we watch and read about other cultures and people, we have to understand ourselves and our own people. We also have to put context over our emotions: is this just some fad I can push away, or is this a sign of something deeper? And the answers aren’t clear. However, just as other people live in worlds so different from our own, we can make our future a world that is different for the better. To get there, we have to know who we are first, and it’s not going to come all at once. But you can do this! You are stronger than you know. Keep fighting for a better world.

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