life: starring you

No one knows what the future holds. If life is a movie, all the scripts are invisible to us. However, no matter what happens, we can still determine the genre of the movie. Acting like you’re in a movie isn’t always the best option, but just quickly consider how we fill our lives affects our priorities and therefore our experiences. If you want your life to be a comedy, you tell lots of jokes and don’t take things too seriously. If you want your life to be a romance, you work hard to be kind and considerate to others; you become loving so it’s easier for people to love you. If you want your life to be a mystery, you are inquisitive and read lots of good books to broaden your knowledge.

Attitude and outlook have a massive impact on how we live our lives. If you focus on the horror and tragedy of life, you’re going to pay special attention to the gray lighting, the stormy days, the sad people. That then, will help fuel even more horrific, tragic events. The context plays out in accordance to our expectations because there is so much simulation from the world around us that our selection of attention must work effectively. After all, it is much easier for us to prove to ourselves that we are right, and much harder for us to prove to ourselves that we are wrong.

Most movies have overlapping genres, some don’t fit into any. Yet, we still group various stories together because we believe there is a similarity there. We think that someone who likes A will also like B. Along with who else do you want your life to be placed? What is the message you give the world, what is your advice? We might not have a script, we might not have a lot, but we can always be better than who we were yesterday, if even just a little.

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