what does it mean?

In this whirl of resolutions and overly motivating captions, it might be hard if you aren’t precisely sure what you can do to change this new year. It is great to aim to be happier! But what does that mean? How will you achieve it? We can want to be loving and kind, but if we weren’t before and our actions don’t change, how can we expect change? Ambiguity kills dreams.

Life is short. It can end unexpectedly. Each day is a gift, and we shouldn’t use our gifts carelessly. There are so many fantasy stories about immortality and time traveling because time is the most precious resource. Wanting some vague ideal is detrimental because it doesn’t inspire action. If you want to read more, limit your t.v. and pick up a dang book. If you don’t know how to get started, look up how to get started. We can’t make more time, only learn to use it more efficiently.

Older folks grow angry at where all their life has gone, because it’s terrifying to think about how we might have wasted this brief puff of existence. If we want to live, we need to get ourselves less distracted. We need to pay attention, feel the moments more. But also, we need to be realistic and set attainable, hard-set goals to make that come true. Delete your social media if you need to. Start learning about things that interest you. Actually put time into your hobbies. If you want concrete results, you need concrete actions. And you can do this! Hope you have a great 2018.

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