an extension on hope

Everyone is a hypocrite on some level. No matter how sincere or kind or honest, we hold double standards for ourselves. While we might be doubly hard on ourselves, a piece of us that is deep within us is our sense of hope. If we do something cowardly, there is always a hope, even if it’s tiny, that tomorrow we will be brave. We become hypocrites because that hope doesn’t tend to hold for others. We can run away or give up a hundred times and not lose hope, but if we might not give someone else a second chance.

It is good to have hope. Even if it seems a little delusional, hope means something because we can change for the better. We can take action and move out to accomplish more than we did yesterday. The problem is that if we don’t change, that hope truly is dismally delusional. An even bigger problem is that we rarely extend our faith to other people. Even if an individual absolutely hates themselves, they have to exist through themself; therefore it makes sense that we have a default within us that likes to be optimistic, as puny as it may be. For others, we don’t have to like or live with them, so we feel free to assume they can never change.

Still, we need to remember that how we treat others and how we treat ourselves is related. If we keep trying to extinguish that hope inside us, we won’t be able to see the good in others either. Everyone inevitably make mistakes. If we want to be in a better place, we have to take the opportunity our hope gives us and act on it. Furthermore, we need to extend that hope to others, so that we don’t close off the opportunity for others to so the same.

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