but what are dreams made of?

We dream of becoming famous because we like the idea of people loving us. Of course there is hatred, an invasion of privacy for the rest of your life, and a tremendous amount of constant pressure, but it seems somehow balanced by the power celebrities have. A celebrity can raise awareness and money for issues, convince people to be involved with the legal system, and make a lot of people happy and entertained. Who wouldn’t want fame?

And yet, statisically speaking, very few people reach those heights. Even though many aspire to become famous, most of us don’t want it enough. It seems like we need more talent or opportunity, when the truth is that we need more work and drive. Not everyone wants to be famous. Not everyone is willing to take the risks you need to get to the top. However, it doesn’t matter if you want to be a celebrity or no. True success means working hard, whatever the goal. If appearing on Ellen is a pipe dream, then start focusing where you really do aspire. Maybe you won’t be a famous actor, but becoming an engineer or writer can take just as much self-discipline. 

Anything actually, can take a lot of self-discipline. Wanting to be rich, to be a philanthropist, to be loved– these aren’t bad things to desire. However, if we want to live to our fullest potential, we should focus less on getting millions of followers, and more on practicing our trade daily. We need to simmer down to our deepest ambitions, and actually try to live them out. Instead of pulling in all these threads of different ideas and getting tangled up in them, we need to run hard after one or two. 

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